Our Services Provide Gel acrylic manicure or Gel acrylic nails In Singapore

Getting a manicure and pedicure is crucial, not only for aesthetic appeal but also for hygiene purposes. Nonetheless, you must always take pride in how you look. Clean fingernails and toenails are sexy and appealing; they make you look clean and polished. Moreover, the actual manicure and pedicure make you feel good, not to mention the massages that follow after the procedures. It doesn’t matter if it is acrylic nails Singapore or gel manicure Singapore, what’s important is the lush treatment can actually relieve stress.

An hour or more at a nail salon can actually help you relax and take your mind off some stressful issue that you are dealing with. Regular pampering is good for both mind and body. Doing so makes you feel wonderful and relaxed and at the same time relieves your body from stress that can sometimes lead to diseases and health conditions. Moreso, you will enjoy clean and healthy hands and feet, sans the dead skin and calluses that are exfoliated and treated. Dead skin build up can lead to a more serious problem, that’s why during the treatments, the cuticles are soaked, cleaned and dead skin and hangnails are eliminated.  Another thing is that manicure and pedicures can make tired hands and feet look and feel perked up. They will be softer to touch, too, as getting regular hand and feet treatments such as acrylic nails Singapore or gel manicure Singapore helps promote softer, healthier skin.

Gel Services Offered

Classic Manicure and Pedicure

Enjoy the highest level of luxury with our classic manicure. Our highly-experienced, well-trained nail technicians are here at your service. Get a relaxing massage on your hands and feet and have your nails polished using your choice of nail lacquer. We have Essie, OPI, Vinylux, and other popular brands. One session and you’ll get the best acrylic nails Singapore in town.

Gel Manicure

For a longer-lasting manicure finish, try our gel manicure Singapore. This kind of manicure is ideal for those who have “working hands” as the manicure can last for weeks without color chipping. The secret lies with the high quality gel polish we use, plus the UV light treatment that we do after polish application. The UV light bakes the polish, making your nail finish harder and less prone to chips.

French Manicure

This is a very common and popular type of manicure. French manicure is basic manicure with a French twist. That twist means having your nails painted with off-white or pale pink polish, then the tips are coated in white. A shiny top coat finishes and protects the look. This kind of manicure is perfect for all ages as it is neat-looking and at the same time elegant.

Shellac Nails

If you want a shiny finish on your nails, go for Shellac Manicure. It is a breakthrough in nail care and similar to gel manicure Singapore because it is long lasting, too. Shellac manicure starts off with basic nail treatment and cleaning and then Shellac lacquer is applied on the nails. The finish is shiny and long-lasting, with almost zero chipping that can last for weeks.

Soft Hands Treatment

Treat your dry and chapped hand with our signature soft hands treatment. This involves extreme moisturizing and soothing effect to help relieve tired hands. This can be paired with any manicure services such as gel manicure Singapore or acrylic nails Singapore.

Paraffin Wax Treatment

A known reliever of arthritic joint and muscle pain, paraffin wax is now being used to soothe tired hands and feet. Ask our staff about this relaxing and beneficial treatment.

Tiny Princess Manicure and Pedicure

For little ones 10 years old and younger, here is a manicure and pedicure package for them. They can even have the long-lasting gel manicure Singapore if they want.

Acrylic Nails Extensions Singapore

Lost a toenail to a sport you love? Hate those short fingernails of yours that are not fashionable and modern enough for your liking? Good thing we have the best acrylic nails Singapore! Give yourself a treat and have the acrylic nails applied. They are all natural-looking and come in many sizes, too.

Callus Removal Treatment

For callused feet, you can ask our staff to give you our highly-effective callus removal treatment using our new blade-free technique. Enjoy fresh, smooth feet that are free of calluses and get ready to wear those flip flops. Acrylic nails Singapore or other pedicure package can be added at a discounted price.

Reflexology Plus Manicure and Pedicure

For little ones 10 years old and younger, here is a manicure and pedicure package for them. They can even have the long-lasting gel manicure Singapore if they want.


Feeling always on the run? Even if you are always too busy, you can keep your nails preppy and healthy! We can clean your nails in a flash. Our express manicure and pedicure include basic clipping, buffing, and cuticle pushing. Polish and massage are optional and depends on how fast you want the session to end!

Detoxifying Foot Bath

Environmental factors and an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to a buildup of free radicals in your system. This Ionic foot bath detoxifies your body through a foot soak. Flush out radiation, chemicals, pollutants, synthetics, pathogens, and other body pollutants and restore your body’s optimal health. Many positive feedbacks, including improved sleep, increased body mobility, and heightened energy are reported and we are looking forward to seeing you enjoy its benefits.

Classic Pedicure and Spa

Experience our signature spa pedicure with this choice. The session starts with a relaxing aromatherapy soak that wakes up your senses. Keep in mind that cared and well-rested feet can be your source of relaxation and wellbeing so you should not neglect them. After the aromatherapy soak, the technician cleans and shapes your toenails, then cuticle conditioning follows. Removal of tough, dead skin comes after, and then the legs are exfoliated, moisturized, and hydrated using the mask of your choice. A stimulating massage comes after to help soften and relax your tired muscles. Afterward, you can have your choice of nail art, acrylic nails Singapore, or any other pedicure package. Top them off with your favorite color from our wide array of high-quality nail polishes.

It is great to have nice-looking nails. They channel your personality and at the same time tell a story about your lifestyle. Do not ever neglect the care of your nails. They are important part of your body that need proper care and attention. Keep in mind that there are lots of skin diseases and health conditions that root from neglected and unhygienic nails, so don’t ever forget to care for them. Good thing we are here and we offer you the services that guarantee proper nail care plus more.

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