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The Nailist as the Epitomy of Nail Services and Creative Manicure Singapore

With already three branches in Singapore, we are fully honoured to serve our customers and pampering them with our full range of spa and nail services as our way of celebrating our sisterhood to get out from the stresses of life and experience quality sincere services.

What Makes our Manicure Services Distinguishable?

Awarded as The Best Manicure and Pedicure

Recently, The Nailist is awarded as the Reader’s Choice Award 2021 as the Best Manicure and Pedicure by Expat Living in Singapore, winning the gold award. This just shows how our customers continue to love availing our classic manicure and pedicure and other nail services to match their mood or go through the day with a splash of colors.

Years of Experience and Specialization

Ms. Cloris, the founder of The Nailist has been up in the industry for 5 years already before she started a nail salon business. With her experiences, she brought a fresh perspective and idea to the market as a way defining what a good service should really is. Now, it’s a not shocking scenario how The Nailist continues to dominate the market.

Loved by thousands of Customers

With over 1,500 customers, we continue to receive hundreds of positive reviews and delightful comments about our service whether it’s acrylic extension, gelish manicure, or nail art. You can check our Facebook Page to get a glimpse of our designs and customizable nail art from the hands of our customers. As we always said, “Think Value Not Price.”

Years of Experience and Specialization

One thing that we always practice and maintain in our services is the proper hygiene. It’s vital to make the customers comfortable and relaxed through cleanliness within our services. Our staff are always reminded to observe proper hygiene as a part of a good service whether doing a nail art, acrylic extension, or the classic manicure. We always make sure that the boutique or the three salons have all the necessary equipment, and our staff are personally trained on how to use them.

When the customers are on the boutique, we provide plastic bags for each of them in soaking their feet to prevent cross contamination. This is just a small part of the service but made a huge impact on the experiences of the customers in choosing our brand.

Our Outlet

For Orchard Manicure And Pedicure Services

The Nailist – 313 Orchard Road

313 Orchard Rd
Unit B2-06
Singapore 238895

For Holland Manicure And Pedicure Services

The Nailist – Holland Shopping Centre

211 Holland Avenue
Unit 03-19/21/ 32
Unit 02-32
Holland Road Shopping Centre
Singapore 278967

For Raffles Manicure And Pedicure Services

The Nailist – Raffles Holland V

118 Holland Avenue
Unit 03-03
Singapore 278997

Our Top-Notched Manicure and Other Body Services

With already three branches in Singapore, we are fully honoured to serve our customers and pampering them with our full range of spa and nail services as our way of celebrating our sisterhood to get out from the stresses of life and experience quality sincere services.

Fanciful Manicure and Pedicure

We are able to offer various nail services to our customers in a way that they have something to choose from to match their mood for today, colors to set you apart from others, and play with creativity and fanciful. These are the range of nail services we have:

  • Express Nail Manicure and Pedicure
  • Gelish Nail Manicure and Pedicure
  • Classic Nail Manicure and Pedicure
  • Gel Extension
  • Acrylic Nail Extension
  • Overlay
  • Nail Art

The best thing about these services is that we let the customer choose what they want and need for their nails and we are just offering these service package to them unless they ask for it. This had led us to advocate for personalization and constant interaction with the customers as an important characteristic for them to experience the full quality of our services. Once the customers enter the boutique or to any branches, the ambience will make them feel relaxed with comfy sofas and refreshing drinks- the small details we do for our customers.

Body Waxing- the gateway to smooth skin

Everyone loves body waxing, especially our customers from Singapore and it’s a fully established services of our aside from nail services. Observing cleanliness and hygiene, our body waxing treatment are sought upon by our trained staff to fully give the customers a satisfying waxing experience. However, there are customers from Singapore who frequently ask,” what are the ingredients of your wax?”

To answer that, our body wax is made from the highest grade of ingredients coming from around the world and exclusively manufacture from the Europe. The waxes are confined in low temperature and extra strong that grips into the skin as it glides softly and easily. Aside from that, the wax contains high percentage of lanolin that moisturizes and protects the skin before and after the lift-off leaving the skin and extra smooth.

This is why our customers in Singapore really loves our body waxing and continues to avail the service. This goes to the thought of saying that to be confident with your own skin, you have to start waxing and achieve a flawless skin to flaunt in the summer days.

Foot Reflexology

From the hustle and bustle in the streets of Singapore, sometimes our feet are sore and our body is tense. In order to ease up the tension and feel relaxed, feet reflexology is the solution. This is one of our core services loved by customers from Singapore and around the world. Our foot reflexology is carried out by out in-house and well-trained therapist to ensure 100% treatment session and quality. It’s a natural approach that is commonly used to address health problems by applying pressure to the specific points of the feet linked to different organs.

This practice has tremendously grown and proven to treat anxiety, headaches, digestion, and promotes general well-being. For example,

  • Big toe connects to the brain and the middle part of this toe connects to the pituitary gland.
  • Index toe connects to the side neck and addresses sinus.
  • The rest of the three toes are for sinus.

This is why doing foot reflexology should be done by a professional to target the different points of the feet and here at The Nailist, we can guarantee your session with us is high quality. If you happen to be in Singapore right now, visit us at The Nailist Raffles Holland outlet or book you appointment with us as we are ready to serve you anytime.

Featured Nail and Manicure Accessories and Body Treatments

If you visit our Facebook page, you can see there the different pictures of painted nails and manicure products being shipped to our customers in Singapore and other locations. The best part is that we also sell nail products and manicure accessories such as:

Shampoo and Conditioner

These products of ours Dandelion Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner that has the fundamental power of cleaning your hair and suitable for daily use with multi-effect repair to protect and treat your hair against the busy environment in Singapore.

We also have Small Pukong Ginger Shampoo and Hair Mask that is great in treating hair loss, oily scalp and pimpled scalp. It’s the perfect bundle to make your hair healthy and treated with imported ingredients from Japan.

Nail Polisher

It’s important for us to give different options and single products to our customers in order to give what they need and one of that is our OPI Nail Envy Strengthener that gives a beige sheen after the application and can act as a base coat on the nails. We deliver around Singapore location and it’s an original formula on the market, so it’s really a standout product from us.

Gel Remover Kit

Our beloved gel remover kit has been loved by our customers in Singapore and from other locations because it’s a complete set of nail gel remover, nail pusher, nail file, white buffer, aluminium foil (30 pcs), and cotton (30 pcs).

Eyelash and Brow Serum

This product has nothing to do with nails, but it went viral in The Nailist that is proven and tested in making you lashes longer, volumized, and thicker. With continuous use, results are visible in three weeks after application. The Gemsho Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum, Mascara Growth, and Scalp Rejuvenating Essence have been loved by our customers in Singapore and they even sent to us the result of the product.

Fungus Feet Treatment

Planning to have a perfect manicure and pedicure is not possible if you have a certain condition in your feet just like having a fungus foot. We, The Nailist is here for you with our Footlogic Nail Tincture Spray that kills the fungus that overpopulates the skin under the nails and can result to worse complications due humid weather in Singapore. It can also be used in treating other conditions such as yellowed toenails, stubbed toes, and among others. So, before planning to have a perfectly painted nails, make sure to treat first your feet.

Nails Personalization is the New Trend

If you’re an avid user of Tiktok, you can see different videos of nail art and how they are able to personalize their own designs, which is great. Here in The Nailist, we are giving the customers the freedom to choose their own nail designs and it’s not only limited in Singapore but to anyone who wishes to match their nails to their mood. It’s important for us to give full comfortability to the customers that they are not afraid to ask and demand the staff on what they want their nails to look like.

This is one of the best decisions we have made a business brand in winning the hearts of the customers, especially the ladies that we are versatile and we are giving them the option to be confident and beautiful.

Play with Colors and Stand Out

The best part about choosing The Nailist in getting your nails done is our wide range of colors and creativity that we can offer to our customers in Singapore and people from different locations. It’s important to let the customers choose their favorite colors that is either vibrant, nude, neon, neutral, and among others. We also do glittery colored nails, sparkly nudish nails, or any elegant and sophisticated design of nails. There are some cases that the colors of the nails can easily fade in just a week and even the design needs touch-up. But that is not a problem here in The Nailist. The colors of our manicure products are long-lasting, glimmering, and light to the nails- as if a feather on your hands.

Customer-centered Services

We always value the needs of our customers in providing quality manicure and pedicure in a simple, customer-centered services. It’s important for us to hear the suggestions and concerns of the customers in order to fully understand what they need and show to them that we are capable of everything they have asked. Even though we have different packages, we are still invested to hear the customers as our way of providing a good service.

Affordable yet Quality Standard of Manicure and Nail Art

Here at The Nailist, our services are for everyone and for anyone who wants to feel confident and beautiful. So, what comes with that is our very affordable prices range with quality standard and works. We often get concerns that from our customers in Singapore that other nail salon charged them very expensive, and the durability of the nails can’t get even up to a month. This is where we draw the line between quality and affordability- we give what the customers want that is budget-friendly but still have that The Nailist splash of color.

How We Serve Our Customers in Singapore and around the world?

Reaching to us is not a problem as we have our social media accounts and contact numbers on display and always active. This is how we serve our customers from start to end.


Service Appointment

The first things that a new customer should do is to book an appointment to us, whether it’s a manicure or nail art service for us to ready and pamper our staff and place. Especially with the pandemic, we cannot fully cater 100% customer capacity, and everyone is required to wear mask and temperature check before entering the boutique. If you’re from Singapore, it’s even easier to check-in at our boutique.


Service Suggestion and Execution

Before diving into the work, our staff always asked the customers on what their preferences of such chosen service are. For example, for nail art, customization is part of our services and it’s important for the customers to have constant interaction to the staff in order to arrive at the best work and paint their nails the way they want it to. For manicure and pedicure, the customers are seated on a highly comfortable and relaxing sofas to relax while our staff are doing the work.

For nail art and manicure, we let the customers pick the color, design, or art they want for their nails and work it out to perfection that will last long.For Foot Reflexology and Body Waxing, we have a different place where to put the customers who availed such services in order to maintain organization, cleanliness, and prevent cross-contamination.


Service Maintenance

While doing the service for nail art, manicure, pedicure, body waxing, or foot reflexology, we always keep out customers in Singapore and from around the world entertained and relaxed as we have refreshments free for them. It’s important for us that the customers are having a great time while availing our services in a way that they will impress them with out full capability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have online appointment?

Yes, we do have online appointment where you can send us a message in our Facebook, Instagram account anywhere in Singapore and from other locations. If you happen to be in Singapore, you can just visit the boutique and book an appointment or reach us through WhatsApp.

Where is The Nailist located?

The Nailist have three boutiques in Singapore. We are located in Holland Shopping Center Singapore, 313 Orchard Road Singapore, and Raffles Holland V Singapore. We are open Monday to Sunday 10am to 9pm ready to do manicure, pedicure, and whatever nail concern you have.

Why should I choose The Nailist?

The Nailist is awarded as the Reader’s Choice Best Manicure and Pedicure in 2021 by Expat Living Singapore and recommended by Timeout Singapore. Aside form that, we have full range of nail services and best of the best manicure and pedicure catering to all customers in Singapore and around the globe. We have Body Waxing with great and healthy ingredients for the skin and Foot Reflexology that is carried out by our well-trained therapist.

We greatly value your concern and our nail services are customizable where you can choose what theme, color palette, or any design to match your mood through the use of our top-notched nail products and manicure accessories.

What type of payment do you accept?

Well, we accept credit and debit card payments and obviously on the spot cash payment especially for new customers.

What if I want my nails to have cartoon characters?

If you want fanciful and energetic nails, our nail art and manicure services are customizable and loved by hundreds of customers in Singapore. Customization means you have the freedom as a customer to choose the colors of your nails and that includes the design and add icons and cartoon characters.

What are the benefits of foot reflexology?

Foot Reflexology is one of our core services and loved by customers in Singapore and around the globe. The benefits of foot reflexology is to target common health problems such as anxiety, headaches, digestive problems. It’s really a great treatment for anyone who has a tense and stress body in order to feel relaxed and vitalized.

Is your Body Waxing gentle and not harsh to my skin?

Our Body Waxing is very gentle and made from fine ingredients from Europe that has high percentage of lanolin which can moisturize and protects the skin before and after the waxing treatment.